If Moses Had Google

Warning! Warning!

This is not a very serious or musically enlightening post. And to tell you the truth, it really has very little to do with LDS organists or even music in a general sense. I just wanted to share one of my favorite funny YouTube videos. But I feel obligated to at least try to have something sort of organistic or LDS-ish in my posts, so here we go…

This weekend marks the beginning of both Passover and General Conference. Which means that while the LDS organists of the world (with the exception of five) are enjoying a weekend off to listen to a prophet, another branch of Israel is also taking some time off to show respect and honor to one of their beloved prophets.

And that’s my serious thought for the week. (Not much I know…but, oh well. If you want more, you may just have to write your own blog!)

Now to the fun part…check this out:

Happy Passover/Conference Weekend!