Sacrament Hymn

What should I do when the sacrament hymn is done, but the priests aren’t? I really don’t like playing the same hymn over and over.

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Play the hymn again, on the swell with soft flutes or something like that, perhaps manuals only.

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I think Mike Carson’s ideas about creating preludes from hymns on the Pedal Points Music page would work well for sacrament hymns too. (See the section entitled “Go…”)

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5 thoughts on “Sacrament Hymn

  1. When asked this question by a group of young organists, organist Alexander Schreiner suggested not playing anything following the singing of the Sacrament Hymn. He commented that the focus was on the Sacrament, not an organist playing a poorly constructed “fill-in”.

  2. I absolutely agree. There is nothing worse when meditating after the hymn to have the organist play the hymn again with incorrect notes in an attempt to fill in the time. Why do we have to do this anyway. “Be still and know that I am God” comes to mind.

  3. If the sacrament hymn is short and priests are not yet ready have the upper manual ready (swell) to very softly play a reprive of last 2 lines or less and have a soft ending quick chord in mind if needed, then quit when this is finished. Less is good.

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