Prelude Music for Free, Please?

From a reader in Brazil:

Hi. I’ve read your blog. I am the organist of my ward, do you know where can i find free or cheap hymns preludes to play? Sorry for the spelling i don’t speak english.

First off, kudos to you for even attempting English. It’s such a nightmare to learn as a second language. Good job!

As for the prelude question, let’s start with the freebies:
I highly recommend the LDS church’s publication of Transformations for Organ: Easy additions to create simple preludes and postludes used in conjunction with Manual Only Hymns for Organ. (Both are available for download here.) These are great arrangements of hymns that sound lovely with or without foot pedals.

If you’re the creative type but don’t know where to start, check out this re-post on Creating Preludes from Hymns.

On to the the cheap option:
Cheap is a relative term. I have listed some of my favorite preludes under the Music/Published Arrangements tab. Most of those are fairly inexpensive and easy to find in the US, but I have no idea what happens when you cross the border. sells downloadable sheet music for LDS organists. Buying arrangements individually is generally more expensive per piece than buying a book. But allows you to view and hear the piece before you buy.

Hopefully that will give you some direction.

Boa sorte 🙂


One thought on “Prelude Music for Free, Please?

  1. I am not LDS, and so I don’t know what types of music are allowed in LDS worship. That said, if Classical music is allowed, you can find tons of music suitable for preludes and postludes for free at This is a website that has an archive of copyright free music, from all periods, styles, uses, instrumentation, and voices. If you are unable to play pedals, look under the “harmonium” category.
    Google Translated:
    Eu não sou LDS, e por isso eu não sei que tipo de música são permitidos na adoração LDS. Dito isto, se a música clássica é permitido, você pode encontrar toneladas de música adequado para prelúdios e postludes gratuitamente no Este é um site que tem um arquivo de copyright música livre, de todos os períodos, estilos, usa, instrumentação e vozes. Se você é incapaz de jogar pedais, olhar sob a categoria “harmónio”.

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