Cell Phones in Church

When I first started this blog I came across a fun video about one church’s approach to annoying cell phones ringing during services. I found it quite amusing, but wasn’t sure that such a light-hearted approach was suitable for an lds organist blog. I mean, we’re serious musicians! We must be a solemn bunch.

After all, how light-hearted can musicians be who practice for hours in a cold, lonely chapel, just to have an audience complain about how their prelude music is very getting in the way of pre-service conversations? Yikes! And don’t even get me started on working with music conductors that don’t know the difference between 2/2 and 4/4. Ugh!

Forget the serious approach to church life! Here’s a fun, light-hearted (perhaps only slightly irreverent) view of what happens when you use cell phones in church…


2 thoughts on “Cell Phones in Church

  1. Up to your usual tricks again, Florence! VERY funny — and food for thought. I wonder what category I’m in since my phone went off in Relief Society during the lesson last month….am I just in limbo since it wasn’t Sacrament Meeting? 😉

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