Comraderie or Competition?

One of my organ geek friends sent me an email about her recent European Organ Tour. Looking at the photos of really old, really awesome pipe organs got me kinda excited…and only slightly jealous.

Being the friendly sort of person I am, I invited her to do a guest post on Pedal Points. Being the intelligent woman she is, she decided to start her own blog!

So now instead of having really cool Bach organ photos on my blog, she gets all the glory. Almost. I swiped copied a few of her photos to give you a sneak peek. You can check out the full story with more photos at Musical Musings and More.

Love ya, Janet!


One thought on “Comraderie or Competition?

  1. I know you’re only kidding about competition, Florence – we both are happy sharing the beauty of the king of instruments! Yes, it was a fabulous tour and glad to share with as many as are interested. Thanks for providing another outlet! And that reminds me; I still have to do the last installment of the saga…

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