Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing

My highly scientific organist poll (see sidebar) currently indicates that over 80% of ward organists are using electronic organs in their Sunday services. How sad! I wish more of you had the opportunity to play pipe organs. Now, I’m not totally against the digital instruments, they do have their place. But they are an imitation of the real thing and it can be challenging to get the best sound out of an imitation, especially if you’re not familiar with what it is you’re supposed to be imitating.

One of my favorite things to do when introducing students to the pipe organ is to take them behind the scenes and let them see, hear and feel the organ’s pipe chamber. My first pipe chamber tour, or organ crawl as it’s commonly called, was memorable and added immensely to my understanding of the instrument. If you were here, I’d take you on an organ crawl of the little Wicks in my ward building. But since you’re not, here’s the next best thing.

Below are a couple of videos about the Salt Lake Tabernacle organ. The first one gives a brief glimpse into the the pipe chamber. The second explains things a bit, providing some basic info on the history, console and pipe chamber. Enjoy!


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