When One Door Closes . . .

Our Show and Tell for today is Mormon Tabernacle Organist Richard Elliott. He is a wonderful musician and puts on a great show in this video clip.

To add to your enjoyment of this piece, here’s a little background info:

Around the time this video was recorded, Richard was talking with some friends who asked how his shoulder was doing. He cheerfully explained that all seemed well. His arm was finally out of the sling and he was glad to have some mobility in his arms again.

“Rick, what did you do during those months you couldn’t use your hands?” a fellow organist inquired.

“Improved my pedal technique!” was his quick response.

Apparently it was time well spent . . .

. . . it almost makes me wish for a shoulder injury . . .


6 thoughts on “When One Door Closes . . .

  1. I posted in December regarding my knee replacement and how it was impacting my pedals. I’m better, unfortunately I’m nowhere close to Richard’s prowess. I’m still exercising at the therapy center 3 days per week. I did catch Richard’s performance with the Temple Square orchestra. Outstanding Mr Elliott. If you’ve heard of buddy Cole, he recorded with Tommy Dorsey and several others. I’v e never heard anything like what you do. Congratulations!

  2. I truly enjoy Richard’s Ministry, truly a Gift from God. RE shoulder injury. I’m still healing from a total knee replacement, my right knee. As an organist you can well imagine what this recovery has been like and then i think of Richard!

      • Hii Florence; Early in my therapy I was asked what my goals were. I replied that I was the organist in our church and had to get back the range in my knee so that i cold play the pedals. I’m doing fairly well, just not as well as i did. Thank you for your interest. Merry christmas

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